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Complete skin care and maintenance
About Us
Here is a list of commonly asked Questions - answered for you:
Q: Is this a beauty parlour and can I get hair cuts?
A: Tanishqa is NOT a beauty parlour. It is a medical centre for the treatment of common skin problems and utilises latest MEDICAL technology for the correction of such conditions. While there may be a couple of overlapping grey areas, we DO NOT provide hair cuts/styling etc

Q: What essentially is the difference between a parlour and Tanishqa?
A: Tanishqa is a medical management of skin problems. We also provide skin enhancement services for those with dull skin. We strictly use medical methods to manage the problems and try to clear them completely. Tanishqa is run and managed by a trained Dermatologist Dr Swati Apte with nearly 15 years of experience behind her.

Q: Are the procedures done at Tanishqa safe?
A: All procedures carried out at Tanishqa are medically proven safe and are carried out under the strict supervision of a trained Dermatologist. These are the same procedures done all over the world on millions of patients on a daily basis.

Q. Which are the commonest complaints treated at Tanishqa?
A. Facial scars of acne, active pimples, dull looking skin, dark pigmentation, dark circles around the eyes, skin tags, hair growth in undesired places, back polishing etc are the commonest complaints.

Q. My skin often reacts to the commercially available cosmetic products. Will your treatments do the same?
A. It is impossible to predict, but rest assured we do not try any procedure without first using a test dose to find any unwanted reactions.
Q: I have previously been treated for melasma by peels which did not work. Do you offer anything else?
A: If peels did not work for you, we can offer a combination of peels and IPL (also called Laser therapy). This combination works in most people

Q: How do I set up an appointment for a consultation?
A: Call on the telephone numbers listed on the site or mail to the address provided. We shall be happy to set up an appointment that suits you.

Q: Will I need to pay for every session or can I pay for all at once?
A: We offer packages which allow margins of discount, so it is always a money saving method to pay-at-once. Of course, you can make payments separately at each visit.

Q: I need some advice for keeping my skin glowing, can I get it at Tanishqa?
A:Of course, that is our expertise. After all, prevention is always better thean cure!!

Q:Do you accept Credit cards/cheques for payments?
A:We are sorry, but at this point of time we accept neither.

Q:Can I claim Mediclaim for these procedures?
A:As far as we know, Mediclaim for Cosmetology is not provided, however it is best to talk to the insurance company and clarify your doubts. This will prevent lot of heartburn later!

Q:Do you treat only the face or is it a clinic treating the whole body skin?
A:We treat skin - the one that extends from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Feel free to come to us for ANY skin related issue, irrespective of it's location.